Welcome. We are a team of two – Deb MacDonald Brown and Nikky Fisher and we are both organisers of the Thames Steampunk Festival in New Zealand.

The photographs on our site are primarily, but not exclusively of textures, patterns and forms, rather than of particular subjects though we couldn’t resist including some landscapes, animals and flowers for use as backgrounds and elements.

We envisage these images being used by creative professionals such as graphic artists and web designers, students and other professionals working in the creative industries.

For now the photographs are freely available for you to use as you wish so you can tell us what you think and tell other people about us. Think of our collection as an exhibition which you take home or to the office to create other works of art.

Our vision is eventually for this website to become subscription or donation based and for the profits to be invested back into our community.

The copyright belongs to Deb and she asks you to enjoy and respect her body of work. Her email address is debsmacb@gmail.com.